14 thoughts on “Stone Adze

  1. Wow. Your work is amazing and so inspiring.
    I so want to learn how to do the basics. Start a fire,
    make a shelter, make tools, hunt and gather.
    I live in Cairns and aren’t we so fortunate to have all this rainforest -will you ever run classes ?! Probably wishful thinking on my part. I know I should just watch your videos and learn that way – but I would probably not cope initially doing this work on my own.
    Anyway. All the best. Keep posting. Can’t wait to see more videos

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    • I used basalt here. It’s best to use a tough, fine grained stone for the head. The stronger the stone the better. Avoid stones with cracks or flaws in them. For shaping I use quartz and for polishing I use sandstone of varying coarseness. thanks.


    • The adze is easier to make but you can’t cut as low down on the tree as a celt. However you could get around this by hafting the head 90 degrees to the handle (a sideways adze or basically an axe). I’ve seen pictures of this but haven’t tried it. Another benefit of the adze is it focuses force over a smaller edge. It’s up to the user- in Papua New Guinea they favor adzes over celts, using them to fell trees and only switching to celts to split wood. Thanks.


  2. Mate, consider monetizing your blog, putting together an ebook that you can sell for $5 or something from your YouTube sub list. Seriously, id buy just about anything you put out, I’m sure others would too.


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