17 thoughts on “Wood Shed

  1. Why don’t you build a mini village for yourself? I would be amazing to see how around your hut, there’s different building for different feature. Example like maybe a room for smoking things, a room for storing water. Pretty much like how you have a shed for storing fire wood.


  2. Hey, I saw your videos and I wanted to try them out but the trees and plants where I live are different
    which made me wonder where you live. I’m in Tennessee, what state are you in?


  3. As expressed by others in Youtube comments, we would really like an update on the bees. Seems like a pretty cool side project to breed / harvest honey (even though it’s not really sustainable).


    • The bees are still alive but dormant- this is our cold, dry season and they don’t do as well as European bees. Also they produce less honey (native bees make 1 kg/year compared to 75 kg/year by European bees). Thanks.


  4. I am mesmerized every time I see your work. Your ability it’s something that I want for myself. Do you live out of this exclusively? How do you manage to find time? If I may ask.


  5. Hey,
    i have always wanted to do this sort of thing, but i live in england, the soil here isnt very good.there are plenty of forests around. but i dont know where to start. what can i do to start learning, would you be interested in starting tutorials?


    • Focus on making simple waterproof shelters, stone tools and fire sticks. Even loamy soil will form mud when wet. Try making furnaces from it to get better at making things with mud. If you look in creeks you’ll probably find clay. If not try to dig for it under topsoil. Then try making pots. It depends what you are interested in. Some people like making bows and arrows from scratch, others stone axes. These videos act like tutorials but maybe in future I’ll write more instructions. Thanks.


  6. Hey:)
    Two questions
    The fact that you can go around barefoot in the bush completely blows my mind- especially in aus!!! Havent you once got bitten by a spider/snake or something??
    And I really want to start doing this, though Im thirteen and to be honest I wouldnt even trust myself with fire, especially in the summer. What are the chances of accidentally starting some bush fire or something? Im in NSW and it gets really hot and dry.
    Orher than that this seems so fun and interesting!! We have deer at our property so it would be cool to do this somewhere I can watch them and just chill out haha


  7. Aside from your skill and creativity, what really makes your material stand out is the fantastic editing. No silly attempts to self-aggrandize with exaggerated production logos. No time wasted on rambling introductions. Simply clear, concise shots communicating the most important details to the viewer with no extraneous material, while using the comment section, rather than a blathering, unfocused monologue, for further explanation of your methods. You produce the best content I have ever seen in this genre. My hat is off to you, sir. Thank you for your time.

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