15 thoughts on “Making A Celt Stone Axe

  1. These videos are fainting and awesome. …I have watched all the educational survival shows and none was as educational as these.
    The stove/ oven was so great, but the heating system in the hut is priceless. …
    Wish we could know more about you….
    Oh love the fish trap also…
    I watch at least 1 or 2 daily…..
    Love your videos. …thanks. .
    I wonder why the survivalist hadn’t built ovens and bowls like these.

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  2. At the end of the techno/ civilized world…this is the intelligent kinda monkey I want in my cave! Not for looks or appeal, which wouldn’t hurt, but just for survival instinct. Love me some smart monkeys!


  3. Thanks for the detailed timeline regarding your tile roofed hut. I was wondering how long it took to build the chisel and Celt axe. I have built my own adze using Vine Maple for the handle and knapped obsidian for the blade. It took me a while to learn the knapping technique, but it was quite rewarding. Thanks for the vids!


  4. Hi there just found your videos and blog. Fascinating. As a matter of fact the village I hail from in Wales was the biggest Celtic Axe Factory in Britain – the Graig Lwyd area above Llanfairfechan.


  5. Hey man, absolutely adore your videos. They teach a lot more than most things on the internet, so thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    I have one question. When making the axehead, how do you get the sides to be so symmetrical? Is this primarily done via grinding? or chiseling? How do you get the point to be so prominent?
    Thanks in advance, and again, love your videos!


    • First chip the blade into a rough shape. To remove flakes from one side of the blade strike from the other side. Once it’s knapped into shape use pecking to produce a smoother but still rough surface. Then use grinding to make it completely smooth. Good luck.


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